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Baby Avery: Charlotte, NC Newborn Photographer

My time with Baby Avery and her family was every bit enjoyable!  She sure did love snuggles from her mommy and daddy.  Hope you enjoy some of my favorites.

Baby Clara-Charlotte, NC Newborn Photography

Little baby Clara is SO loved.  I give this couple the award of giving their baby the most kisses during a session.  Seriously..how can you blame them?!  I wanted to kiss her to! haha.  I love seeing new parents soaking in the goodness of their new little babies.  Enjoy a few of my favorites from

Baby Ava- Charlotte, NC Newborn Photographer

Meet little Ava….so cuddly and sweet.

Baby Leena- Charlotte, NC Newborn Photography

Little Leena was such a little doll!  Seriously barely peeped the whole time.   In fact, when she did make a peep they were the  most adorable little coo’s during her sleep that had me just smiling.   And really…..look at all that hair!!!  Thank you Amber and Fouad for allowing

Baby Vivienne-Charlotte, NC Newborn Photography

This little precious girl was 3 weeks old, but you wouldn’t know it!   Newborn are normally good to do before they are older then two weeks,  mostly b/c they sleep better, easier to pose, and they don’t keep their newborn features long.    Little Miss Vivienne ROCKED her session.  These

Baby Alexa-Sneak Peek

This little beauties full post is coming soon.  I just had to share this- Look at those chubby cheeks.    This little girl is 6 weeks old and was one of the best little babies we’ve photographed at that age, for a newborn session.  I’d like to emphasize that normally newborns