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Welcome Ezra Charles

We are so thrilled to welcome this little fella to our family!  Below are a few favorite “newborn” photos we snapped of him in the two weeks of having him home.  Make sure you scroll to the end to view our little lifestyle newborn video. If you missed it, you can check out my birth

The Birth Story of Ezra Charles

Finally after nearly 7 weeks Ive managed to write this out…. Here is a collection of what I can remember as well as a few cell phone/camera pics. On Monday, May 8th, I decided to try to infamous labor inducing pizza at Hawthorne’s. This pizza has been on the news reporting to induce the

Pregnancy Update for Baby Ezra

I haven’t really shared much on our blog or social media about our pregnancy thus far, so I thought I’d recap now that I’m almost done (better late than never right?).  After dreaming and praying for another little Duffey for nearly 2 years we were thrilled to finally expand our

Baby Ezra Duffey- 35 Weeks

We found a beautiful yellow field of canola flowers and embraced the opportunity.  Here are a few images Paul snapped of me and Pierson at 35 weeks pregnant.

Day trip to Asheville

We took a small day trip to Asheville a few weeks ago.  Paul had to pick something up and I’d been craving doughnuts from Holes my WHOLE pregnancy, so we made a little outing out of it.  Seriously, if you haven’t had a doughnut from Hole Doughnuts you should go (now or next time you

Home Office

We finally finished up our office the other week and its the first time I’ve had a desk in nearly a year.  To say that I am excited would be an understatement.  We looked for a desk to buy for quite sometime but in the space we were wanting it to go we couldn’t find a desk the right

Our Yearly Pumpkin Pickin

We made two visits to the pumpkin patch.  My sister came along on the first one.  Enjoy some of our favorites.

Mountains on Film

All unedited with the exception of changing to a black and white.  I have a batch of expired film I use for personal use, that is why I have light leaks (which I kinda love).  Enjoy!

Duffey Backyard Garden

As some of you know, we moved into our new house at the end of May this year.  We immediately (like seriously-the first few days!) started tilling for a garden.  It’s one of the main things we were looking forward to having at our new house.  A big back yard with a big garden.  This summer

The Grandfather Mountain Highland Games on Film

Every year we attend the Grandfather Mountain Highland Games.   Paul’s family goes up there to camp for about a week and we usually take a day trip and stay a night.  Pierson LOVES the night life up there and hearing the music and watching the drum circles form with bag pipes blaring.  This

Marlena + Jameson: Part of Create Love Project

I’ve held off on posting this for a while because I have had a hard time thinking of the right words to tell their story.  At the end of last year I was feeling a little drained and discouraged.  I wanted to do something really meaningful with photography…something that would mean the world

52 Weeks: Week 52

As this project comes to an end I couldn’t think of a better picture then an replica of my very first one.  This has been such a rewarding challenge for me this year.  It’s truly been amazing to watch him grow each week through a series of photos.  I would like to thank everyone whose

Katlyn & Tyler: Charlotte, NC Photographer

These two were home for the holiday’s and had a little love session to celebrate their 2 year anniversary.  Are they cute or what?!  Enjoy some of my favorites!  

2015 New Years Resolutions

Its time to set some 2015 resolutions but first let’s take a look back at our 2014. 1. Eat more healthy and get in shape.  This one was hard.  I will say I have gotten better….though not where i need to be.  In other words, I stopped buying the mint oreos but I still have a ways to go. 2.

52 Weeks: Week 50

Having a moment with Santa Claus (the ornament).  This one is more his size since the one at Bass Pro made him hysterical.

Merry Christmas from The Duffeys

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!  Here’s a look at our Norman Rockwell Style Christmas card we designed this year. …  I love Pierson’s face here. :)  Our Cameras were off getting serviced the past week so we are a tad behind on our 52 week final images.  Will be updating those

52 Weeks: Week 49

First cup of hot chocolate…or “coffee” to him.

52 Weeks: Week 48 Our Yearly Visit to the Tree Lot

Im including a few extra for this weeks project.   We took our annual trip to pick out our tree and here are just a few of our big guy at the lot this year.  If you want to look back at our previous posts’ of our tradition you can see them here and here. His new “cheese”